Sunday, 14 April 2013

How to promote products via Equine Compare's product search

Equestrian product search

We try to make it as easy as possible for businesses to promote themselves and consumers to find suitable products and services. One of the ways we accomplish this, is with our Equine Compare product search.

Consumers simply search for a product on Equine Compare and we return results from all our retailers.

How we do it
Getting all those product details is no easy task. We've created our own specialist software to search selected shops and extract all the relevant product details. This process is fine tuned for each shop to ensure we are extracting details accurately and efficiently. Once included in our search results we check each shop for changes every 3 days. A drawback of this approach is that changes are required to our software whenever a shop changes their website design, which may lead to products being temporarily omitted. Hence our introduction of the following fast-track option.

The fast-track option
The fast-track option helps us to get a shops product details more reliably and efficiently, so we can check for updates every night. To take advantage of this approach a retailer needs to re-create an extract file each day and make it available on their website. This is typically done as follows:

  • The appropriate data is exported from the shop's database.
  • The results are saved on the shop's web server in a specific location.
  • The format of the file is typically a comma-separated file (CSV) or an XML file.
  • The following details would be included for each product: *product title, *description, *price, *web address of the products page, *web address of a thumbnail photo of the product.
  • If the file includes non-equine related products, e.g. dog rugs, we also need a way to identify and exclude those products, such as a category name or id.
  • The shop then simply informs us of the web address where the file is stored.
How to be included
If you would like to have your products listed in Equine Compare or want to change to use the fast-track method, simply:
  • Join EquiBuzz for free
  • Choose the "Product listings" menu option
  • Tell use if you want us to extract details from your site automatically
  • Or if you want to use the fast-track method, tell us the location of the exported file on your web server.
It's currently free to list your products on Equine Compare.