Friday, 29 March 2013

Equine Compare review pages work harder for your business

We recently redesigned Equine Compare's review pages from scratch to provide unrivalled functionality and usability. Here's why you will love them:

Equine Compare - sample review page

A) This box cycles through your promotions (including special offers, discount codes and competitions) , helping you to draw in visitors that come to read your reviews.

B) Visitors can choose to "keep tabs" on your page to be informed of your promotions whenever they visit Equine Compare. If they get our newsletter, they will also see a dedicated section for your promotions in their emails too.

C) The info panel shows your logo, your unique selling points and has links to your website and social channels.

D) The "Reviews & News" wall is where you interact with your customers.
  • Post your news
  • Members and guests can leave reviews
  • Reply to each others comments
  • Share specific postings on Facebook and Twitter
  • We will automatically create news entries to promote your latest blog postings and newsletters

We drive traffic to your page from various places in Equine Compare, and best of all, there is no charge for creating and operating your page.

To get started:
  1. Join EquiBuzz
  2. Populate your page
  3. Add your review badge to your website
  4. Read our article: Best practices for company reviews

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